EasyIT Sets a New Standard with Their Innovative Sponsorship in Ohio


When businesses consider sponsorships in Ohio, a standard format often comes to mind—logos, booths, and some promotional materials. However, this year, at the Ohio Credit Union Golf Outing, EasyIT changed the narrative, ushering in an era of novel sponsorship ideas and community involvement that genuinely stands out.

Their groundbreaking move to introduce a cannon for participants to kick off their game not only added a fun twist but became the talk of the town, emphasizing the company’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and the local community.

Megan O’Hara, a leading figure at EasyIT, said, “Our vision at EasyIT has always been community-centric. The decision to introduce the cannon was more than just a playful gimmick; it was a symbol of our dedication to making local events memorable. Ohio is our home, and we must be deeply involved in the events and moments that matter most to our community.”

The Ohio business community was quick to recognize and appreciate the innovative approach. Lisa Mitchell from Progressive Computer Solutions, known for keen observation of business trends, commented, “EasyIT has set a precedent. Their approach to sponsorship at the Golf Outing wasn’t just out of the box but showcased their dedication to infusing freshness in traditional business engagements. Their initiative is a shining example for all Ohio businesses.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Ashu Bhoot from Orion Networks, who has seen the ebb and flow of business strategies in Ohio, added, “EasyIT’s commitment and unique approach make them a standout player in the Ohio business landscape. Their recent sponsorship isn’t just an event participation; it reflects their ethos. Their journey is a testament to what businesses can achieve when they think differently and act with the community at heart.”

In-Depth Analysis

What makes EasyIT’s involvement unique isn’t just the innovative twist they brought but the ripple effect they created in Ohio’s business circuit. It has inspired companies to think about community engagement as a responsibility and an opportunity to innovate, surprise, and connect more deeply.


EasyIT’s proactive and pioneering approach to sponsorship at the Ohio Credit Union Golf Outing has done more than make headlines—it’s set a benchmark. As they continue to redefine community engagement and business participation, the Ohio business community, along with industry peers, waits in anticipation for their next move. It’s clear: EasyIT isn’t just in the game; they’re leading it.

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